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Monument Selection

Monuments are created to provide a lasting personal tribute to a loved one and to honor Jewish tradition. Families often feel...


Create a Monument

We believe that a monument should help communicate the story of the life that has been lived. Your personal choices are very important to us...


Memorial Design

Here you will find a list of New York Metropolitan Area Jewish Cemeteries, with address, phone, and website...


Jewish Customs

Jewish funeral practices have their roots in the deepest history of Jewish tradition and culture. We believe that...


Welcome To Sinai Memorials

The Monument as A Unique & Lasting Tribute

Monuments are created to provide a lasting personal tribute to a loved one and to honor Jewish Tradition.  Families often feel overwhelmed by the many details involved in creating a proper memorial. There are design and inscription decisions to be made, cemetery regulations to consider, and Jewish customs and traditions to consider.

At Sinai Memorials we coordinate every decision involved in making the monument, from design to placement, with services not available elsewhere:

  • Compassionate service that families have trusted for three generations
  • Rabbinic and technical supervision to assure that every detail is correct
  • Experienced artisans who create original monuments, or match and duplicate existing ones
  • Complete understanding of the regulations of all area cemeteries and burial societies

For over three generations, families have trusted Sinai Chapels to care for loved ones with compassion and respect. Let Sinai Memorials help you create a unique and lasting tribute to your loved one.

A monument is a very significant purchase that requires many decisions and details, so it is natural to have a lot of questions about the process. For your convenience, in this website we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding monuments including timing of an order, placement of the monument, design and material choices and more.

There are many varying customs, and one should always follow one’s legitimate family or community practices. Always consult your Rabbi for personal guidance and to answer questions related to Jewish law, practice and tradition. If you do not have access to a Rabbi, please feel free to contact Sinai Chapels, where Rabbi Michael P. Strasberg, Director of Pastoral Services, will try to answer your questions and advise you.

We are pleased to personally answer any questions you may have.  Call us today at 800-675-0300 .