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Create a Monument

1) Select the Size and Shape

Our markers come in an array of sizes and shapes. Below are several popular shapes, but today’s monuments can be shaped into any form. Because our monument specialists are familiar with all the area cemeteries, we can advise you on which styles and sizes meet the regulations of your preferred cemetery.

2) Select the Color

Our monuments are available in a variety of colors including whites, grays, reds, pinks, blacks, and marbles. Our monuments are made with the finest quality materials from the best granite quarries in the world. We also specialize in preparing bronze memorials.

3) Select the Design

We can help you with the selection of interpretive ornaments, images and commemorative symbols, epitaphs, and lettering styles and finishes that can perpetuate precious personal and family ties. These images can be either carved or etched. Below is a sampling of our capabilities. We have thousands of standard designs to choose from or can help you create a custom design.

We can guide you to create an inscription that will express your feelings in English, Hebrew, or Russian. With a Rabbi on staff for advice, we can ensure that all inscriptions are correct.

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