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Material Selection

With the advancement of hardened and carbide steel tools, granite has become the preferred material of choice due to its durability. In the past, stone carvers used soft materials such as marble, slate and limestone. Granite is the best choice for a modern, long-lasting monument.

What colors are available for a granite monument?

Granites are available in many colors from quarries around the world:

  • White/Light Grey – About 95% of monuments sold in New York city are made from this color granite, which is generally referred to as Barre Grey
  • Pink – Often sourced from Canada, this granite has a fine workable grain
  • Ruby Red – Found in Wisconsin, this granite can attain a glistening polish due to its amazing hardness.
  • Light Gray – These granites are the most plentiful in the Eastern United States (Maine to Georgia)
  • Black – Found in Pennsylvania, Africa, and India
  • Multi-Tonal Grain – New quarries in the East have discovered granites that rival the famed Carrara marbles with discrete markings of assorted colors

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What finishes are available for monuments?

The top and sides of a monument can be finished in one of two ways:

  • Smooth – All sides of the monument are glossy and smooth
  • Rock-Hewn – Contains ridges on the top and sides, which are left behind after the granite is cut into slabs. This “natural rock” appearance makes this finish a popular choice

The front and back of the memorial are almost always finished smooth. The smoothness is achieved by using a heavy flat disk of steel on the surface of the granite with grinding grit under it. After many revolutions of this heavy flat wheel, any ridges wear down to smoothness. To bring a high gloss to the smooth finish, this process continues with a polishing rouge under the heavy rotating disk. The combination of the high speed of the disk pressing down on the surface, along with the polishing agent, brings the granite to an everlasting gloss.

Why should I be concerned about the quality of granite used for the memorial?

If quality granite is not selected, it can affect the appearance of the memorial over time. Sinai Memorials uses only the finest quality materials from the best granite quarries, along with superior craftsmanship.  We also use the latest technologies in the industry to assure you of a lasting memorial to reflect the pride and caring of your family.

Have Additional Questions?

Contact us to learn more about the Jewish monument selection process and your material, color, and finish options.