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Memorial Design

Please call us if you'd like to discuss your memorial design options in detail. You can reach us at 347-438-0315. Our monument specialists are here to answer all of your questions.

How do I select the proper design of a memorial?

A true memorial should be designed to:

  • Express your love, affection, and admiration of one whose life was deeply interwoven with yours
  • Reflect the personality, achievements, ambitions, avocations or credo of the deceased

Our monument specialists will assist you in the selection of interpretive ornaments, commemorative symbols, and epitaphs that can perpetuate precious familial ties.

What colors are available for a monument?

Our monuments are available in a variety of colors including whites, grays, reds, pinks, blacks, and marbles. Our monuments are made with the finest quality materials from the best granite quarries in the world. We also specialize in preparing bronze memorials.

Blessing hands of Jewish priest and Star of David

What are the components of a monument?

There are many different components that make a monument, also known as a memorial. The artistry, craftsmanship and quality of work define the memorial. The following are basic guidelines to help you determine the level of quality:

  • Lettering – Lettering should be deep and legible without the use of black paint
  • Carving – Shapes should be sharp and clear. Backgrounds of the ornamental elements should be darker than the elements themselves
  • Finish – Polished surfaces should have a high, deep shine. A deep and dark polished area can border lettering surfaces, which frames them.
  • Materials – Granite from the same area can vary greatly in color, purity, and cost. The granite should be free of impurities and consistent in color, graining, and strength.

Can you assist me with the wording for the inscription on a monument?

Sinai Memorials specializes in helping our families create lasting tributes. We can guide you with the creation of an inscription that will express your feelings in English, Hebrew, or Russian. We can help ensure all Hebrew inscriptions are correct.

How can I duplicate an existing monument of a family member interred nearby?

We send a field representative to the gravesite where they take photographs, rubbings, and measurements of the existing headstone. From this information, our experienced craftsmen can carefully create an accurate reproduction of the existing monument, within the limits of existing technology. We will also do this to insure an accurate duplicate inscription on the second side of an existing headstone.

How can I ensure the monument I select is allowed at my cemetery?

Our monument specialists are familiar with all the area cemeteries. We can advise you on which styles and sizes meet the regulations of your preferred cemetery.

View Our Monuments

If you'd like to see a variety of monuments, we have examples of bronze, single stone, doublestone, and footstone monuments here.