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Selecting a Monument

Please call us if you'd like to discuss the details of the monument selection process. You can reach us at 347-438-0315. Our monument specialists are here to answer all of your questions.

How soon after death should the monument selection process begin?

There is no “proper” time to order a monument. The process should begin as soon as one is comfortable doing so. Today, many people find it convenient to arrange for a monument at the same time they are making at need or preneed funeral arrangements. Others may choose to wait until they can take more time to think about personalizing a monument.

While the average time to create a monument is two to four months, from the time one orders a monument to the time it is placed at the gravesite, it may take as long as six months or more. We encourage you to consult our monument specialists, who can evaluate the gravesite and help you determine the best time to place an order for a monument honoring your loved one.

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What factors will affect the timing of the placement of the monument?

There are certain variables to consider when ordering a monument, some of which may affect the timing of the delivery and placement of the monument, such as the desired material and/or the intricacy of the monument design.

One of the most time-consuming factors is the pouring of the foundation. If there is not a foundation already at the gravesite, the timing of the pouring may be affected by cemetery regulations or seasonality. The winter months prevent the construction of foundations, as concrete cannot be mixed during freezing weather. We advise families who would like an unveiling in the early Spring to order a monument no later than early November so the foundation can be finished before the frost sets in. Foundation construction usually stops in the winter and begins again in March, or after the ground thaws out.

Burial societies and cemeteries also have various regulations regarding the placement of monuments, such as the time a family will have to wait to pour the foundation after the burial. The monument specialists at Sinai Memorials are familiar with the cemeteries and burial societies in the metropolitan area and will work to ensure timely delivery and placement on your behalf.

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What information will I need to purchase a monument?

The following information will be helpful for ordering a monument:

  • The English name of the deceased
  • The date of birth
  • The date and approximate time of death, which will be used to establish the Hebrew date of death
  • The Hebrew name of the deceased and the deceased’s father, which can usually be found on a Ketubah (marriage document) or baby naming certificate
  • The tribe of the deceased’s father’s family – Kohayn, Levi, or Israelite
  • The name of the cemetery where the monument will be placed
  • The name of the burial society or congregation from which the plot or grave was purchased
  • Any desired special symbols
  • Any desired expressive epitaphs

If one is not sure of the spelling of the Hebrew name, or of the exact name itself, we can assist the family with this information.

What if I do not know what to order?

We are here to help you. We understand that it can be overwhelming for families to select a monument given the many variables that may affect the ordering process. Sinai Memorials will send a field representative, at no cost, to the gravesite to perform a visual inspection of the area. After our inspection, and in accordance with the cemetery or burial society regulations, we will advise you as to the size and style of monument that will fit in the area.

Should a monument be considered when prearranging a funeral?

Preneed funeral and memorial arrangements have become increasingly popular in recent years. The period following the interment is usually a difficult time for the family. Close loved ones and immediate family members may not be in the proper state of mind or have the emotional clarity to take on the task of selecting a fitting memorial, whether it be an elaborate headstone, a family monument, or an estate memorial requires a great deal of planning.

Preplanning provides your love one with the security of knowing that their final arrangements will be properly carried out. It also provides protection against price increases. We are here to assist you with any questions regarding the prearrangement process.

Schedule a Consultation

At Sinai Memorials, we coordinate every decision involved in making your monument, from design to placement. Our monument specialists can walk you through the entire process. Contact us to schedule your consultation with a monument specialist.